Sunday, June 2, 2019

New Work 2019

The spring has flown by--along with my good intentions. I'll try again here. My website was last updated in February 2018. I learned later that year that I won't be able to update it any longer. Until I get that problem sorted out, I will be posting new work on this blog. Here's the first installment. The first four images are from a new series called "Cover-Up". I resurrected some of my old quilts from my "pile of shame" under  my work table. I painted the surface of each with black acrylic/textile paint and then printed/painted images with gesso. I like the way some of the original colors show faintly through, so the black isn't solid, and the texture resulting from the gesso prints reflecting the original stitching and creases.

Cover-Up 1    53x46

Cover-Up 2    44x48

Cover-Up 3    34x31

Cover-Up 4    39x58